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Rent right
We consult and represent you extensively in flat opportunities and industry tennant law matters. Tenants and renters belong to our mandators, so that to us the different problems from both points of view are known.

In the following some main focuses of our rent-juridical activity:
· Check and creation of the hire contract
· Sublease, admission or dismissal of the spouse / lifelong companion from the hire contract
· Rent and operating expenses demands
· Arrangement, proof and release of the security
· Grounds or defence of rent rises
· Defects of the rent thing, decrease and compensation
· Operating expenses accounts (additional costs, heating costs)
· instant and term-appropriate notice of tenancies
· Ending of the tenancy by abolition arrangement
· Return of the flat, beauty repair and compensation
· Clearing of the flat and enforcement-juridical penetration

Condominium right (Condominium Act right)
A comprehensive consultation in the right of the condominium is essential, if it is for the single condominiums, the condominium community or the governor. Also the renting of the freehold flat leads to the overlappings with the rent right which in proportion to the remaining owners effect can unfold.

Examples of the most frequent questions are:
· Foundation of the condominium community
· Rights and duties from special property / communal property
· Use of the communal property
· Creation and change of the special property
· Owner's meeting and decision competence
· Order and recall of the governor, governor's contract, liability of the Condominium Act governor, economic plan and calculation lapping
· Governor's approval with proprietary change
· Housing subsidy procedures and extraction of the residential property
· Procedures of the voluntary jurisdiction (FGG procedure)

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