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Law of succession

In the area of the law of succession and death tax right we discuss and represent you to questions concerning

  • Plannings in the succession

  • Legal position of the heir / succession

  • Liability of the heir

  • Legal portion

  • Tax-optimised testament creation

  • Edition / legacy

  • Common testament

  • Testament enforcement

  • Contract of inheritance

  • Reduction management, winding up and statement of the reduction

  • Legal legal portion claims and limitation

  • Calculations about the continuance of the reduction

Before the case of inheritance
By timely, farsighted planning your property can receive and quarrel among the heirs be avoided. The expenditures for this amount regularly only to one fraction of those costs which originate after the death with inheritance disputes from suppression of assets or from too high death taxes. Hence, I help through you with pleasure by in lifetime preparation of the case of inheritance and the succession:

  • Creation of testaments and contracts of inheritance

  • Planning and regulation of the prerecorded succession

  • Production of precaution authority and patient's possession

After the case of inheritance
Here can put to themselves a huge number of questions and problems with whose answer and solution I stand to you extensively aside. Exemplarily the following problem circles are to be called:

  • Acceptance or renouncement of the inheritance

  • Application of letters of administration and representation in letters of administration granting procedure

  • Discussion of the community of heirs

  • Assertion of legal portion and legal portion supplement claims as well as legacy

  • Contact with executors and official responsible persons

  • Coordination of cases of inheritance with foreign relation

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