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Labour legislation

Main focuses in the individual labour legislation (nationwide and internationally)

· company-conditioned notices
· behavioral-conditioned notices
· person conditioned notices
· Cautions
· Civil disputs (protection against unlawful dismissal procedure, etc.) all over the country in all authorities
· Payments and payments of salary
· variable reimbursement
· Check and creation of tools nits
· Development of process strategies
· Negotiations of abolition contracts
· Check, creation and negotiations of employment contracts (nationwide and internationally)
· Elaboration of remuneration models
· operational old-age pension
· Company misalignment and reorganisation consultation
· Consultation and company by company changes
· Company crossing

Main focuses in the collective labour legislation

· nationwide representation in decision procedure in all authorities
· Co-operation in arrangement place procedure
· Penetration of rights of codetermination
· Negotiations and end of balancing of interests and social plan by company changes
· Restructuring and personel adjustments
· Company and preparation of company crossings
· Creation consultation and strategy development

Main focuses in the official law of contract (nationwide and internationally)

· Creation and negotiations of manager's employment contracts
· Security in liability questions
· Creation and negotiations of contracts of employment of the management
· Bonus payments, bonuses, achievement premiums
· Support of supervisory board members within the scope of her mandates

Main focuses in the sales representative's right

· Representation of national and international mandators
· Ending of sales representative's contracts (notice / abolition)
· Check, defence and assertion of balance claims
· Area restriction, penetration of other rights and duties of the sales representative

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