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Commercial law

The value of an enterprise determines itself from the use which it can gain on account of his successful factors including his innovation strength, products and position in the market, the internal organisation, of his employees and his management in future. Under the condition that exclusively financial aims are pursued, the value of an enterprise from his quality is derived to gain financial profits for the enterprise fishermen by cooperation of all factors influencing the profit strength.

HUNSÄNGER · Lawyers offers you as a team of councellors and tax advisers an experienced competence team in which all important questions and areas are covered for you. The enterprise values ascertained by us can be the base for:

  • the sales / purchase of an enterprise or enterprise portion

  • the foundation of a society with bringing into play of shares

  • the entry of new companions into an existing society

  • the coalescence of existing enterprises

  • the splitting or real division of societies

  • the escape of a companion from a personal society after notice

  • the bar compensation of minority companions

  • the decisions on the liquidation of an enterprise

Enterprise purchase and reorganisation
The rapid technological development and the opening of new markets found a change to global enterprise systems and competitive systems. The pressure of the global competition led, on this occasion, to changes in the enterprise scenery. Today, hence, national and international purchases and sales of enterprise or enterprise shares are no more rarity. They have the aim to protect the competitiveness and the growth of the enterprises or improve.

However, for many enterprises arises also as a result of the concentration on the nuclear business the need to close down own production companies in her locations or to transmit this together with the operational infrastructures and company surfaces to the third enterprises or to exchange this for core area based companies. With these measures at the same time cost-saving and adaptable production structures, distribution structures and organisational structures which optimise the innovation ability and efficiency of the enterprises must be created. All together this change makes high demands for the enterprise flexibility and requires measures to transactions and reorganisation.

Within the scope of our activity area enterprise purchase and reorganisation we include all economic, tax and juridical factors. We help you to plan efficiently her aim, to make decisions and to use the positive effects originating out of this for her enterprise optimally. Our consultation can help you in questions concerning:

  • Measures in the approach of the bill of sale (company and consultation at purchase negotiations, enterprise assessments)

  • Check of the purchase object

  • Provide or sketch of the bill of sale

  • To basic possibilities of the contract creation (asset push, share push, purchase price)

  • Realisation of the bill of sale (takeover of running contracts of the enterprise, handing over of the enterprise)

  • Precautions for achievement disturbances (guarantee, guarantee, limitation, penetration and defence of claims)

  • Problem formulations according to tax law

  • Check of special provisions (e.g., employee's claims)

  • Avoidance of liabilty risks from shop assistant's view

  • Special forms of the enterprise purchase

  • Unchanges as an alternative or for the preparation of an enterprise purchase

  • Reorganisation measures

Risk management
Enterprise activity is always connected with uncertainties. Job of the risk management is to identify the chances and risks systematically and to value them concerning the entry likelyhood and the quantitative effects at the enterprise value. Hence, risk is defined as a dispersion around a mathematical expectation. According to this definition positive divergences (chances) as well as negative divergences (dangers) are considered.

Resultant from the increasing enterprise crises the legislator as well as the international capital markets has an interest more to get to know about the value drivers and risk drivers from enterprise. Thus, e.g., an adequate Risk management is a component of the care duties of a board of directors or Ltd of manager. In case of an enterprise crisis the board of directors has to the avoidance of a personal liability to prove that he has behaved objectively and subjectively dutifully. Specifically this is called that he must prove to have taken measures to the risk early diagnosis and to the risk defence.

However, besides, the practical conversion may not be reduced to the observance of the legal regulations in the form of a "risk accountancy". Rather the enterprises which introduce an efficient risk management process have cost advantages and with it also competitive advantages. Who wants to survive in the market, the risk chance profile of his enterprise must optimise.
We can discuss you and support with questions concerning:

  • Risk identification (stock-taking of all risks to which the enterprise is put out)

  • Risk assessment (information of the risks concerning height and entry likelyhood)

  • Risk coping (definition of suitable measures to an influencing favorable for the enterprise of the risk situation)

Brands Sign protection

We apply for your protective rights for you and supervise this also with pleasure for you. Should your rights be affected by third, we also take over with pleasure the dunning procedure up to the complaint-wise penetration of your rights.

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